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Saturday, February 6, 2010

What's New?

Last weekend we went skiing again and it was pretty nice. They were still grooming when we got there so we started out skating through a bit of powder - it's amazing how much harder it was! At one point the big yellow machine overtook us and the difference after it went by was night and day. Anyway, all the fresh powder was so sparkly and beautiful, we had another great day. Today they've got a 95" base with 6" more in the last 24 hours. Ahhh...

Monday was my grandma's 93rd birthday and Tuesday was Scott's 33rd birthday. Phew!

Tomorrow Scott is running a half-marathon in SF in preparation for the LA Marathon in March. Here are some shots of the route where we both run regularly (Well... not so much me lately). This day, a few weeks ago, I was on the bike.

Here's a eucalyptus tree beside the trail. They smell nice. I call them peeley-barks. They're not native in California but they are everywhere, usually planted as windbreaks.

Here's Scott heading out into Shoreline Park. It's the tidal muddy south end of SF Bay. There are zillions of migratory and other shore birds everywhere and it smells like it: Cormorants, pelicans, egrets, and lots of probably more exotic ones that I can't name. Right now duck hunting is open so we heard a lot of POP POPs in the fog. NASA Ames' enormous wind tunnel is just to the right, but you can't see it in this shot. Watch out for hissing Canada geese and their poo!

Palm trees aren't native here either but they, too, are everywhere. This is the next street over from ours. I think they look funny in the fog. Most of the other streets in the neighborhood have redwoods, other pines, magnolias, citrus, loquats, gingkos, and maple trees (which hate it here) instead of palms. Next door they just took down two big camphor trees. There are lots of others I can't identify. California is so weird.

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