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Friday, April 16, 2010

Fun on the Patio

This jasmine is actually on the front of the house. It really smells good right now, I'll have to leave the windows open so we can get a whiff inside. The picture's a little fuzzy.

This plant claimed to be an annual but I've been torturing it for years! Scott thinks I should put it out of its misery but I'll keep anything that makes flowers.

Same with the plant in the center below. The flowers get shaggier-looking each year. These sweet peas have yet to deliver.

Here's the big blooming blob of sweet peas. I like how they look messy. They don't really climb or attach to the lattice stuff. Those tendril things are fakers!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Polka Dot Quilt

I meant to spend just the morning of today (the first day of my Spring Break) finishing up the last few dots and getting the border on my quilt top, but I ran into some obstacles [#1, Why did I sew that piece on backwards? #2, Where is my seam ripper? etc...] so it took all day.

Now I'm putting it away until after break since I can add the dots that go in the white stripe one or two at a time on school nights. I've got other things on my vacation agenda! strawberry jam, cleaning out my closet, shopping, playing with the plants on the patio, lots of grading...

We estimated that I have done about 12,000 applique stitches so far on this top. I think there are 22 more dots in the border and we assumed 100 stitches per dot - YOU do the math.

ps: about the sweet peas in the previous post - notice that all the other pots on the table that don't contain spiked plants or other squirrel defense (chicken wire) are empty and sad. And the chives I planted in the sweet pea pot last year seem to have decided to wait until now to grow. More evidence of the gray thumb.

pps: I wish the squirrels would eat the snails instead of both of them eating my plants.

Gray Thumb

There's no way I can claim to have a green thumb, in fact I'm probably closer to the black thumb. But look! I grew some sweet peas from seed and they actually have flowers now. We've been lucky with rain - maybe that's what did it.

I've got a much bigger bunch of them in another container but I'm waiting for them to flower to show them off :)