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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Cape Breton

The girl can sleep for HOURS in the backpack when we go for a hike. She always wakes up for the most scenic parts, though.

At Louisbourg Fortress. The dancing kids had to move inside because of the rain, but we had fun anyway. You have to visit this place. It's AMAZING! The largest historical reconstruction in Canada (I want to say North America, but I'm not positive).

Sheep! We fed them some grass. They were cute.

We would like to perpetuate the idea of a Cape Breton "Big Five:" moose, coyote, bald eagle, bear, and whale. Yep, we got 'em all.

The money shot, north of Cheticamp on the "Skyline Trail." Possibly the only hike walk EVERYONE has to do when driving around the Cabot Trail. 

Flying kites at the Alexander Graham Bell museum in Baddeck. The most toys ever assembled in one room to keep the little ones out of trouble while you learn about telephones, tetrahedra, and hydrofoils.

Saturday, August 4, 2012


I ATTACKED curved piecing for the first time today with my Denyse Schmidt Pie in the Sky quilt. I spent a lot of time pinning carefully so the actual sewing didn't take too long and came out very well, yay! Here's my pie just lying on a crumpled piece of the background, so it looks more wobbly than it is. The machine sewing of the white "crust" onto the orange and blue "pie" is what I did today. Next I'll hand applique the whole thing to a piece of blue. I can fix any non-round bits of the outside of the crust when I sew it down to the background.

I'd call the sewing part a success, though Scott says the design of it is not his favorite. 
I think I like it - it's kind of arty. 

Groovy Colours

DUDE, I won the giveaway for the Totally Groovy Quilt Along. Since I am just doing the crib size for my first quilt-along, the gift certificate covered the cost of all the fabric including shipping from the U.S. SWEET!

For home maintenance news, today we have steam cleaning of the carpeting in part of the basement and carpet removal in the back room of the basement. Super groovy linoleum was underneath. We're having that small window on the left replaced, with the same thing, but vinyl. The seal is shot and the sill and siding all round it on the outside are all rotten. Scott had to cut out a little piece of the subfloor that had water damage. Fun. Also more obliteration of weeds and small trees.

In the fun with toddlers category: Yesterday we went to the Shubenacadie Wildlife Park. It was farther away than I had thought, but cheap and worth the drive! Even though it was mostly just common creatures like moose, skunk, and raccoons, they also had some awesome birds, reindeer, a lynx (so cool!!) and other cool animals. It was a pretty big place and luckily there was lots of shade; it's been pretty hot and sticky here lately. This is a long weekend  for us (Natal Day - I don't know what that means, but I like three-day weekends so it doesn't matter). Hooray for watching track and field live at a not-too-scary hour of the day with the whole fam :)