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Thursday, February 21, 2013


I forgot to tell you...We had an awesome New Year's Eve this year with friends who came over and even brought LOBSTER!!! It was lobster-mania! And we could see the fireworks in Halifax when midnight came. I love our view of the twinkly lights and the shining harbor of Halifax in winter, but I'll be glad to have our nice jungle-y canopy of privacy back once summer finally rolls around. Is it ever coming?

I don't think this evil winter will ever end. We went to see Shubenacadie Sam on Groundhog Day at the wildlife park (-10C max that day!) and he predicted more winter for us. Duh. We had a really cold snap for a couple of weeks. Then a storm that brought quite a lot of snow. And now it's back to the usual cycle of snow, rain, freeze, wind, repeat.Why is the text black? I don't know.

 A brave man.

Scott's parents came for a nice visit just before I started my new job. We welcomed them with snow drifts so high we couldn't open the door to the back deck.

And we made a snow Bunyip in the backyard - FUN! You'll have to read "Watch Out Little Wombat!" by Charles Fuge to learn about the Bunyip. Gramps helped with the new flooring in the basement. Just a few more steps (I didn't say quick or small steps) and we'll have a nice sunny room we can hang out in. Too bad my sister's home improvement skills don't magically transfer to me somehow!

So... now our lives have become a rush rush rush as we cling to our sanity waiting for the weekend to arrive each week. I have to drive out to the airport each day for work so in the morning I leave early and Scott takes the girl to daycare in the stroller, then runs to work or takes the bus. The weather is not making this an  easy feat. Then I pick her and the stroller up with the car in the afternoon and Scott has to work a bit later into the evening. She's definitely still adjusting to her new schedule.

I have been good so far - the first two weeks - planning and shopping for the week's meals on Saturday and Sunday. The weather, back-to-back bouts of pinkeye for B, bronchitis for me, and a bad cold for Scott have caused a few bumps along the way, not to mention some days and nights without good sleeping and napping, but I think we're settling in now.

I am an "intermediate aero/mech engineer (transmissions)" at IMP Aerospace and Defence now. Eek! I support the CSH149 Cormorant which is a Canadian Forces Search and Rescue helicopter. Here's one at the base in Greenwood, NS with some famous people. I believe they got a ride in a Cormorant from NS to PEI when they were visiting Canada.

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