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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Day 4: Tuesday

Here's the Olympic Flame near the Convention Center.

We took the Sky Train to the curling center: Canada vs. Germany, China vs. France, and USA vs. Norway. Here was the scene outside the venue:

I don't think these ladies (The "Ice Supremes") were part of the official program?
...and Quatchi the Sasquatch

Here we are in our official gear!

Here's the USA in action against Norway. We lost by mere inches on the last rock in the last end, bummer! This was the second game in round robin play. The guy with the baseball cap is the skip (guess you'll have to read up on the terminology of curling you Americans).


The pants on these Norwegians should be banned.

Here are the Canadians in the process of beating ze Germans.

There's Kevin Martin crouching in the house. That guy is AMAZING!

1 comment:

LabMom said...

Hey Girlie!
We watched the Curling action on TV (US v. Japan: The ladies)

I have to say we needed to wiki it to figure out the rules. Also cracked us up that the players are mic'd so that you can hear everything they say on TV.

Thought of you guys. BTW.. do you realize it is warmer there than here? What a rippoff! :D

Have a blast! (And bring me home some of those Norwegian Pants!)