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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ahjumawi Lava Springs State Park

This weekend we drove up to the northeast corner of California to check out the volcanic landscape at Ahjumawi State Park. On the south side of the water it's private land so the only access to the park (the red lava-covered part in the picture) is by boat. A perfect chance to bring Thistle out of the garage.

We found her a nice grassy bed for two nights.

Our camp was near the Ja-She Spring, supposedly the largest in N. America or something like that. Fed by groundwater and snowmelt from 50 miles away, the water seeps through the porous lava rock and pops out here.

We experimented with chemical-free bug deterrent methods. How do you like my head net?

On the non-rainy day we hiked out to find the volcano action. Check out the lava tubes and spatter cone! It was an eery, dry, black and red landscape.

It was pretty rainy our last night and morning so we headed out early and found breakfast at a friendly local place instead of eating wet oatmeal. The new dry bag/portage pack, waterproof map case, and water bag were a hit! Boating and camping in style!

One last stop on the way home: Burney Falls. Apparently Teddy Roosevelt called it the eighth wonder of the world. Hmmm.... The water pours over the top and also comes right out of the rock face all the way down since it's porous lava rock. Pretty cool.