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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Random thoughts from Halifax to celebrate the end of spring.

Summer was here for a few days. We went to the lake. Good times. 

They have pineapples growing in the Public Gardens in Halifax. The Public Gardens is my favorite thing in Halifax. I didn't know pineapples are pink while they're growing.

It's almost time for Canada Day. Woo! We're going camping on Prince Edward Island (we hope). It's supposed to be rainy so we'll see how it goes.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Long Time No See...

Oops! I typed a bunch of stuff for this post and then I was dumb and lost it all. But since I have diapers to wash, I'll let you choose your own adventure to go along with the photos. Hint: we went on vacation without junior. 

Thursday, February 21, 2013


I forgot to tell you...We had an awesome New Year's Eve this year with friends who came over and even brought LOBSTER!!! It was lobster-mania! And we could see the fireworks in Halifax when midnight came. I love our view of the twinkly lights and the shining harbor of Halifax in winter, but I'll be glad to have our nice jungle-y canopy of privacy back once summer finally rolls around. Is it ever coming?

I don't think this evil winter will ever end. We went to see Shubenacadie Sam on Groundhog Day at the wildlife park (-10C max that day!) and he predicted more winter for us. Duh. We had a really cold snap for a couple of weeks. Then a storm that brought quite a lot of snow. And now it's back to the usual cycle of snow, rain, freeze, wind, repeat.Why is the text black? I don't know.

 A brave man.

Scott's parents came for a nice visit just before I started my new job. We welcomed them with snow drifts so high we couldn't open the door to the back deck.

And we made a snow Bunyip in the backyard - FUN! You'll have to read "Watch Out Little Wombat!" by Charles Fuge to learn about the Bunyip. Gramps helped with the new flooring in the basement. Just a few more steps (I didn't say quick or small steps) and we'll have a nice sunny room we can hang out in. Too bad my sister's home improvement skills don't magically transfer to me somehow!

So... now our lives have become a rush rush rush as we cling to our sanity waiting for the weekend to arrive each week. I have to drive out to the airport each day for work so in the morning I leave early and Scott takes the girl to daycare in the stroller, then runs to work or takes the bus. The weather is not making this an  easy feat. Then I pick her and the stroller up with the car in the afternoon and Scott has to work a bit later into the evening. She's definitely still adjusting to her new schedule.

I have been good so far - the first two weeks - planning and shopping for the week's meals on Saturday and Sunday. The weather, back-to-back bouts of pinkeye for B, bronchitis for me, and a bad cold for Scott have caused a few bumps along the way, not to mention some days and nights without good sleeping and napping, but I think we're settling in now.

I am an "intermediate aero/mech engineer (transmissions)" at IMP Aerospace and Defence now. Eek! I support the CSH149 Cormorant which is a Canadian Forces Search and Rescue helicopter. Here's one at the base in Greenwood, NS with some famous people. I believe they got a ride in a Cormorant from NS to PEI when they were visiting Canada.

Image File Name: GP2011-0139

Monday, January 28, 2013

Tortillas II

If it weren't easy I wouldn't do it. I just followed the directions on the bag. It's Maseca brand "instant corn masa mix." Why they have this at the grocery store but not corn tortillas is a mystery to me. Even though it says it's a mix, the ingredients list just says: "selected corn treated with lime." I read something once about hominy grits and corn and alkali something.... I digress...

It was just 2 cups of this MASECA stuff, 1/4 t. salt, and 1.5 cups of water - add more water if it seems dry. Make a ball and squish it between two layers of plastic wrap. Cook on an ungreased griddle or skillet for 50 seconds per side. It took mine longer to cook, but who knows what's what when using an electric stove.


And I made a teepee for junior. So cute. More details on the other blog :)


Due to an extreme lack of interesting items at the grocery store, such as... corn tortillas, I had to take extreme measures to make my enchiladas for dinner last night. I MADE corn tortillas. A tortilla press would have been useful, but I used a frying pan to squish my dough and it worked fine. It was surprisingly easy and the girl even gobbled up a whole one plain. They're a hit! I won't be doing this TOO often since it did take a bit of time.

Also, Scott is a genius. He rebuilt our computer so it doesn't suck anymore AND he put the coffee maker on a we're-not-at-home-turn-on-the-lights timer so it comes on in the morning before we get up. AWESOME!!!