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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Home Improvement and Quilting

Hooray!!! Our new windows and front door were installed on Tuesday! Here's the big window in our family room. The sill and some of the siding was a bit rotten so now it's all primed and ready for paint if it ever stops raining!

And I'm glad that none of you out there has to look at what WAS the front door since I don't have a picture. It had a crazy plastic dog door and the ugliest handle/knob known to man. Plus it leaked when it rained and it was totally flat and plain (except for above mentioned dog accessory) which made all kinds of scratches and marks very obvious. Here's the new one, yay! Luckily the sidelights/frame/brick molding were all fine so we just had to get the door itself.

We've made some progress painting the outside of the house, but we're thinking if any more painting needs to be done, we're going to hire someone. Painting sucks.

Here's my Totally Groovy quilt all quilted and ready for binding. I've trimmed it and attached the binding to the front now, so I'm in the process of hand sewing the binding to the back. I was all ready to try my first bias binding, but I was worried I didn't have enough fabric, so it's a straight-of-grain binding. Here's a link to some others' work on FLICKR. I'm thinking of hanging it up on the wall in our house. This was such a fun project.

The Ambassador Poster

And a few weeks ago, Scott and I got out for a night (thank you awesome neighbor for babysitting!!!!!!!) and got to see a film at the Atlantic Film Festival here in Halifax. We saw The Ambassador, which I quite enjoyed - very controversial. After seeing it, we rented another of Mads Bruegger's documentaries, The Red Chapel, which I didn't like as much. It was a bit baffling, really. I especially liked Mads' boots in The Ambassador :)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Groovy Top

It's a dreary rainy day here, so sorry for the indoor flash photo. I've finished the top, so now I just have to put something together for the back and quilt 'er up! The size is manageable enough for me to try to quilt it on my machine with the walking  foot.

Next I'll get back to my flying basketballs. Maybe some more bibs and an attempt at making a new bag for our sad old IKEA laundry basket too.

I'm secretly celebrating this torrential downpour - it means I get a break from paint scraping. Ew.