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Monday, February 15, 2010

Day 3 in Vancouver

We got here Saturday morning and we've been soaking it all in and having a lot of fun. Scott's parents' place is right near the action downtown and we can see the Olympic rings on the barge in Burrard Inlet from their window on the 16th floor. The weather has been great here in the city, but not so much at Cypress Mountain (which you can see from downtown). We will go to curling tomorrow night. More photos later from the other camera. In the meantime here are some of ours...

Scott's friend from high school, Katie, and her husband Adam are musicians and have been hired to entertain the athletes in the Olympic Village and at other venues. What a cool gig, and fun to see an old friend! We had a fancy latte together.

A view of the Olympic rings flashing white from the balcony after Alexandre Bilodeau won Canada's first gold. Go Canada Go!!

Nice wintry weather here in Vancouver. Waiting for the water taxi down by Granville island a sailboat was coming in with its spinnaker up.

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Julie said...

Tracy - that's SOOO awesome that you are at the Olympics! I'm soo jealous!! have fun!