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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Not Much to Report

I haven't had much to photograph lately, so I haven't posted anything. School ended and I started my summer job at Lockheed Martin (Space Systems), so Scott and I have just been busy with work mainly.

Some turd-person rammed our car while it was parked on the street last weekend and didn't leave a note. The driver's door wouldn't open so we spent our spare time this week getting that taken care of. We have been really happy with our insurance company, though (AAA). They made everything really easy.

In the meantime we've been watching the World Cup as much as possible - mostly on the internet ( which works really well. Have you forgotten as I always do that Scott is Brazilian? That makes us legit. fans, ha ha ha. I'll root for the US as long as they hold on, though. Here's our window for now...