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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Growwwlllll... a mish-mash post

Is the Growler a standard beer-holding vessel that I just never new about (apparently it is... why didn't anyone tell me?)? Here in Halifax, it's a must for economical drinking. You can't get the Growler at the provincial beer and liquor stores - you have to go to the source! Here is a post I found about Haligonian beer. You buy the bottle and just take it back to the brewery when you need a refill. Can't go wrong with a 64-ounce jug!

We tried Hop Yard Pale Ale from Garrison: "Deep golden and crisp, Hopyard Pale is exceptional in the West Coast style with a refreshingly bitter finish." Yum. I prefer the west coast style of exceptional in most categories.

We are buying a house in Dartmouth. It's blue. Inspection is today!

You know how Rita Wilson goes on a rant in Sleepless in Seattle about how men don't replace the empty roll of toilet paper but rather leave the new roll sitting on top of the old empty roll? I do that.

We went to Ross Farm Museum in New Ross last weekend. It was awesome. The girl loved the sheep, chickens, cows, geese, and hiking around. Not so fond of the enormous black hairy pigs. Scott and I thought it was pretty good too. Lots of cool, well-maintained historical stuff: farm house, barns, woodworking shop, lumber mill, etc. There was more there but since it was still the "winter" season, not everything was open and working. I definitely recommend it.

I decided to quilt a simple grid, stitched in the ditch for my chubby chicks quilt.  I wanted to just get 'er done on this one since it felt so nice to finish the pillow before.  So the quilting is nothing fancy, but that's ok since the part I really like is the the chicks.  Using the stitch in the ditch sole for my walking foot, I had to adjust the needle position since I didn't have the right tool to adjust the foot guide thingie and things weren't lining up quite right. It works ok. I might try just using the open sole and doing it by eye next time. Guess I'm giving away what's on the back in this photo... I was trying to show you the stitch in the ditch sole.

The girl wearing a disguise:

I"ll claim responsibility for the mismatched outfit and crazy hairdo.

Friday, April 13, 2012

A Finish! In Record Time!

Maybe I should join the mini-quilt craze.  Actually finishing a project is a great feeling!  It's a 24"x 24" floor pillow. I think it looks so cute, never mind a few little boo boos or things I'd do differently next time! And I felt comfortable quilting this little thing with my home sewing machine. It seemed like it could be a challenge to wrestle with a much bigger quilt. I'll have to do another one for our house some day - if we ever have a house :)

Here's what we woke up to on Easter morning: lots of snow (a view of the neighbor's place). 
Happily it melted by the end of the day.