TRI to keep it WILD - Raising funds for Nature Conservancy of Canada

Thursday, July 3, 2014

EPIC Dartmouth

Team Tri to Keep it Wild went fast and had fun during Sunday's Epic Triathlon. Even though it was a hot day, Scott and Sarah did as well or better than planned and neither one was too tired for a couple more days of Canada Day fun afterwards - going to the beach, touring the Citadel, checking out the Tattoo parade, visiting a working war ship... They raised $1000 for the Nature Conservancy. Woo!

The team photographer (that's me, Tracy) had a hard time keeping up at the transitions :)

Ready to bike while Sarah is swimming

Happy to finish a good swim: 3.8km.
Let's see how a 90km bike feels...
And another 90km for Sarah...
Scott got off on the run so fast we almost missed him!

Sarah jumps in for the team finish!

Friday, May 9, 2014

For a tiny bumski

Just finished making some little bloomers...

Hope these fit on little Cowabunga all summer! 2 weeks to go!! :)

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Spring should be here by Friday

Blizzard warning, storm surge warning, daycare's closed, Scott's office is closed (sometimes happens for weather), my office is closed (NEVER happens).

Let's make this the end of winter, ok? Please?

Friday, January 31, 2014

Little things


I've just been working on a few little crafty things lately while my big project - the sawtooth quilt acts camera shy in the sewing room. Here are some tiny pants for junior who is set to arrive in May. Thanks for modeling, Kermie!

 Knitting feels nice, sitting on the couch where it's warm inside when blizzards like this are happening every couple of weeks!!! Winter, ugh.

I've had this set of play numbers on the go for a long time. The numbers 1-9 are all fused on the backgrounds . Now I have outline them all with embroidery. Six more to go! Then I guess I'll make little quilty sandwiches with them and they'll be ready to play with. B already knows lots of numbers, so I'd better get going!!

And finally, a yellow hat, as requested by B, to match her "banana suit" - a favorite knitted sweater and pants set she got from our cousin last Christmas - still fits, woo! Thanks for modeling, Roberta Rabbit!