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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Hanging Out Inside

Finished the chubby chicks top. Who knows how long it will be before it's quilted and bound. I only work at night :) I made a bold choice for the backing fabric. We'll see how I like it when it's done.

Mutant cinnamon raisin bread. It wasn't pretty but it tasted good. I've made this bread a few times before and it came out looking pretty, but this time I had distractions. The swirl of goodness inside still looked nice.  Thank you Joy of Cooking!

Bea had a stomach bug and then a bad cold back to back. At least her bum was looking cute while she rested thanks to her buddy Everett.


Kimbo Bimbo said...

The chubby chicks are super cute with the red and white.

You need to try paper piecing next. I just came across some of the most darling paper pieced critters.. I am just too lazy for that long process.

Shannon said...

Your sister just shared a link to your blog--my mom made this same quilt for my daughter with a green!! Your's is darling!! What a great pattern!

Shannon @SewSweetCottage