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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Bay of Fundy

We decided to take a drive to the Bay of Fundy this weekend 'cause we felt like getting outta town and taking our new snow tires for a spin. Blomidon Provincial Park was the destination, though we knew we wouldn't be doing much hiking since A) Bea was with us, of course, and it was freakin' cold; -10C or so and windy and B) most of Nova Scotia seems to be closed from October to April. Yep, the trails and roads were closed, but we did cruise around the parking/picnic area until our noses and toeses frozes.

LOVE this snowsuit!!

cute waddle-prints :)

What's that weird white stuff on the beach? The beaches in California didn't have icicles!

It's sunny, it's sunny! Quick, capture this on film!!

It was still neat to see, and we got to check out some more of our new province. We'll definitely be heading out this way again when the weather gets better...

Here are Monday's tide data from Fisheries and Oceans Canada for a spot near where we were:
# High and Low Tides
# Date;Time;Height

Did you catch that? The low tide is 1.6 meters and the high tide is 13.4 meters. That's about a 35-foot swing over 6 or 7 hours. When we were there the tide was low and going out.

On the way, we spotted the Just Us! cafe, roastery, and fair trade museum in Grand Pre (how do I put an accent mark over the e?). I have already developed a weakness for the two Just Us! coffee shops here in Halifax, so we had to stop. Fun for the whole family :)

Remove stones and chaff; Roast; Cool; Package; Mmmmmm....

 Circle of coffee flavors: On the "tastes" side I'll skip acrid and caustic in favor of nippy or soft. On the aroma side, maybe something "nutty" like "toast" would be better than the "charred, ashy" scent :)

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