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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Weird Things

Here in Canada, generic grocery store cheese seems to come in these long flat slabs, not like a brick, like in the US. So random - wish I had a picture.

A couple of days ago it hit 31C here in Halifax and it was sunny and hot and scantily-clad pasty people came out of the WOODWORK! I felt melty! ...and sorta silly driving around with snow tires still on the car - but now I don't since it's cold again already and it's going to snow this week. Glad I'm off to Florida! :)

I had tons of fun making this:

It's from Oh Fransson's Mod Mosaic Floor Pillow tutorial. I think if I had to start over, I'd be a bit less wonky, because some pieces got really tiny when I did my trimming, and the two full-length pieces of sashing in the middle look odd since they're pretty much parallel. But it was really fun to make and I like how it came out. It's pink because pink and red are mostly what I have leftover as scraps. Now... who would like to be gifted a big pink floor pillow....? I think I know a couple little princesses in California who might. They shouldn't hold their breath, though. This might join my pile of UFO's for a while.

The small one wanted to put on the tank top I was wearing on the hot day. With the help of a binder clip, it made a nice dress. Guess I shouldn't leave my clothes on the floor so much. You see a green elephant butt on the back. The front of the elephant is on the front ;)

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Kim said...

Cuuuute! It reminds me of the joke: What is black and White and Read All Over?