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Saturday, February 4, 2012

In the Kitchen

I goofed this morning and made a huge amount of oatmeal. This is the third dish I've messed up while trying to half or double in the last week. I blame mommy brain. I hear that leftover cooked oatmeal reheats nicely, but I don't like to see that slimy goo looking out at me from the fridge. Also had some leftover cream cheese frosting from Scott's birthday carrot cake - which I made as cupcakes this time, so you don't need as much frosting as you would for a layer cake. What to do? I found these scones and I had all the ingredients, so I whipped them up and tried the frosting on top. The combo was so so, but I'll eat anything with cream cheese frosting on it. The scones are going to be really good with butter and jam, mmmm. They're pretty much just oats and whole wheat flour, so I guess I can say they're healthy :)

I also couldn't resist these cute pasta hearts for Valentine's Day. The way to Scott's heart isn't always though his stomach - sometimes it's through running socks, but I'll try the stomach this year. Adding beer helps.

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