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Monday, October 15, 2012

Acorn People

Aunt Barb tucked these little guys in our bag for the trip home from Ontario after Thanksgiving at Gran and Gramps' house. Tee hee....

Wish I had some of those crazy long green California acorns to make a scary acorn monster family to go with these guys!

When we got home, we took a drive to do some apple picking on the coldest day we've had out here so far. Brrrrr!!!!!!!!! Do you like our technique?

We ended up with a peck of apples. That's about 40% of an almost-two-year-old, weight-wise.

I also finally finished off the binding on my Totally Groovy quilt. Yay!!! Now, where to hang it (if at all) and should I wash it? I like the crinkly look, but I don't know if it would be cool with this design. And Scott said it already looks wrinkly. As long as he doesn't say I look wrinkly!!!! :)

And finally, for a good time, may I recommend scraping the popcorn off your 80's basement ceiling? It actually comes off easily, but makes a lot of dust and mess. Quite satisfying overall, though. There's just a bit more to do. When the weather gets cold for real, we can focus on getting this room in the basement in shape. Scott does the work, I have to admit, and I just make myself anxious about it.

Get a load o' those awesome track lights. They are rad.

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