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Monday, May 14, 2012

revenge of the chubby chicks

All done, woo!! I need help with my photo skills.  And I'm too lazy to even rotate them - what's become of me?

This little flock is bound for my friend (I don't think "stephanie" reads my blog so I'll show you how I made it hers) back in California - hooray!!!

My favorite part is the applique chicks. I like handwork because I have more control. I have less experience working with my machine so those parts could use some polishing.

This is only the second quilt I've ever completed from start to finish if you don't count 2 baby mats I've made. I need a lot more practice!

And then this afternoon, the toddler gods were smiling on me, and they got the girl to sleep for almost 2 hours, during which time I almost finished making her this pair of pants. They're reversible - "quick change trousers" from Anna Maria Horner's book Handmade Beginnings. I got the book from the library and had some extra muslin I could use to trace the pattern - yay! I LOVE the library. I didn't get the elastic for the waistband yet so I can't quite finish them. Pretty easy and cute so far!!! If they turn out ok, I'll get small fry to  model them for you. They might turn out to be disposable-diaper-friendly-only pants.

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