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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year from Halifax!!

Cutest leggings in the universe! Thanks Barb & Ken!     

Put your party pants on! It's 2012 in Halifax!

Notes for new-style Canadian grocery shopping: 
   1) whole milk is called "homo milk" and all types of milk are sold in bags.
      1a) make trip to Canadian Tire to purchase our very own Canadian milk bag holding pitcher.
   2) Goodbye old-fashioned Quaker oats in a canister, hello bag of "Gruau Gros Flocons." 
   3) I consider beer a "grocery." Leave the grocery store and proceed to your nearest NSLC: Nova Scotia 
       Liquor Corporation.

Weather tracker 2012: 
Friday:     -14C with the wind chill and sunny: bundle toddler in snowsuit and walk backwards around the city to do errands
Saturday:    4C and POURING rain: housebound (adventurous attempt to catch the bus goes awry)
Sunday:     2C and gray/foggy: finally a nice day to go out and play :)

Back to freeziness on Wednesday, which is supposed to bring a high temp. of -8C and snow.

We're surviving here with just the bare essentials until our movers get here. One pot, one pan, some forks, an air mattress... Lots of things to get organized before we can feel at home. It's a bit of a challenge with no car and things closed for holidays, but I guess we'll get there. 

Happy New Year!


Julie said...

oh, Trace, I hope it gets easier soon! Hang in there and BLESSINGS on your 2012!

Kimbo Bimbo said...

The real question is: Why are you buying a pitcher at the Tire store?