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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Halfway Done!

I have 10 of these done now, but here are 9 (easier to arrange). I am planning to do 20, or more if I am still in the mood after 20. I started making the background squares bigger after a few to account for the unraveling of the edges while I do the applique. Should I pink them? I have a lot to learn about quilting.


LabMom said...

I have always appliqued on much larger squares than finished size and then cut them down (and re-square them) afterwards.
I never pinked them but I know some people do. I just left a good 2-3 extra inches all around, especially if you want to re-center your applique.

looking good!!

Julie said...

Pretty impressive, Trace! I know even less than you about quilting, so to me you are a pro!