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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Yosemite in February

Tracy here, interrupting the canoe blog again... This weekend we took our once-a-winter trip to Yosemite. When you stay at the Wawona Hotel you can curl up by the fire with a drink after a good day of skiing at Badger pass and listen to Tom Bopp tell stories and play old Yosemite tunes on the piano. It's so relaxing there. The food in the dining room is outstanding too! Somehow we scored the biggest room in the hotel, which also seems to be the one with the slantiest floor. We skated about halfway out to Glacier Point on Saturday and the weather was great. Some day I'll be fit enough to make it the whole way out. I hear there's a big hill right at the end, though. Anyway there's a spot with a good view of the Clark Range that makes a good turning-around point for wimps like me.

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rappin' rise said...

oh, sounds like fun! But I want to see a photo of the largest room in the fancy hotel! I've seen half dome photos before, but not a yosemite hotel room photo!