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Monday, January 28, 2013


Due to an extreme lack of interesting items at the grocery store, such as... corn tortillas, I had to take extreme measures to make my enchiladas for dinner last night. I MADE corn tortillas. A tortilla press would have been useful, but I used a frying pan to squish my dough and it worked fine. It was surprisingly easy and the girl even gobbled up a whole one plain. They're a hit! I won't be doing this TOO often since it did take a bit of time.

Also, Scott is a genius. He rebuilt our computer so it doesn't suck anymore AND he put the coffee maker on a we're-not-at-home-turn-on-the-lights timer so it comes on in the morning before we get up. AWESOME!!!


Mandy said...

ok, turkey!! now its time for you to post your tortilla recipe. we'll be interested in corn tortillas these days since i'm going gluten free! (long story, turns out, i have gluen intolerance)

Kim (TheKimSixFix) said...

1. You be crazy. 2. Definitely post the recipe. I am intrigued!

Julie said...

I bet they tasted WAY better than tortillas from a bag!