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Thursday, December 13, 2012

New Stuff

One new thing we got today was one of the new Canadian $20 bills. It's a crazy thing. I tried to capture it on film, but instead I'll just give you a blurry mangled sneak peek and then if you're actually interested you can just Google it. I kind of don't want to spend it, but I'm pretty sure that feeling will pass :)

 Look, Scott! You're on the new $20!!

Also today we got a 2-year-old! Eek! B is 2!!! She knew exactly what to do with the candles on her birthday cake, thanks completely to Elmo's World: Birthdays on YouTube. She saw those things and said "then you blow out the candles!" and then she did it. We have never talked to her about birthday candles and she's never seen them in real life anywhere. Thanks, Elmo.  This event was NOT captured on film, blurry or otherwise.

One more new thing: I decided to make a separate blog just for crafty things. They were taking over. I had to send them away. Really I just wanted to have a place that would show me which of my favorite quilting blogs had been updated recently - you know, to save time surfing. There's probably a smarter way to do that, but I like to think I'm old-fashioned. Anyway, there are only a couple of posts there, since holiday and birthday things have been more urgent lately. Oh yeah - here's the link. Halifax people like to call Dartmouth the "Dark Side" in case  you were wondering.