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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

No Future as a Dressmaker

I took the plunge and got a new sewing machine on Friday. The thing is amazing, and I was so eager to start playing with it that I started making a little dress for Bea from "Simple Sewing for Baby" - the same book I got the drool bib from. Well... I got off to a bad start as you can see.

I guess I was so excited about getting to the sewing part that I goofed on the cutting. But I re-cut, and now I'm working away on it and having fun, and learning a lot about my new Bernina, woo hoo!!

ps: The little grammar nazi inside of me made me edit the previous post to fix the excessive use of the words "this" and "awesome." I'm sure no one noticed :)


Mandy said...

off to a bad start? i can't tell from the picture. anyways, that's fun that you have a new machine. turns out i got out my machine today too. first time in probably 3 years! and, really, i suck at sewing. oh well. carter's lovie blankets can't tell.

Tracy said...

My photo skills aren't that good either - look closely and you'll see the print is upside-down :)

My sewing is pretty bad too, but I still have fun.

Julie said...

grammar nazis UNITE!! :)