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Monday, April 4, 2011

A Little Bit of Sewing

I've been doing better at squeezing in time to sew here and there. Bea takes a pretty reliable nap in the morning now, and I can also get a little done when she goes to bed, usually around 9pm.

I tossed the quilting hoop aside right away since this quilt is so huge and there are so many pins. The pins get in the way of placing the hoop, and I was having to move it too often. I'm finding it a lot easier to quilt without it. I'm also using "tiger tape" but I decided I won't get more when it runs out. I can make smaller stitches than the 1/9" they print on the tape (but should I?). Really the point is just to keep 1/4" from the seams, and my local quilt shop didn't have plain 1/4" tape. Sometimes I just mark it with a chalk pencil instead. It really burns me that I can only use each piece of tape twice before it's not sticky enough to stay put as I quilt. Am I being too much of a cheap-o?

Sorry Beatrice, this was supposed to be your room, but it belongs to big orange for now :)

Here's a little drool bib I made from Lotta Jansdotter's book: Simple Sewing for Baby. It can be a bib that looks like a little kerchief (so cute!) or a headscarf thingie when she's bigger! I think Bea is still too small for this, and she's only super-drooly once in a while anyway. We tried to try it on her but we couldn't find her neck ;) I was inspired by Sew This is my Life - she's amazing!

Sorry for the lack of baby pics. We decided we didn't really want to spread our little muffin all over the internet (as if anyone really visits my little blog anyway). Maybe once in a while. I can always send you an email!!

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Mandy said...

i like pictures of babies! i would love to see pictures somewhere and somehow!