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Thursday, March 25, 2010

L.A. Marathon

Two really tired guys!

Scott and our friend Nate and Nate's dad Jerry ran the L.A. Marathon March 21st. Even though they're "slowing down" these days, I think they're all quite impressive. I was pretty proud to see their names printed amongst the top men in the L.A. Times the next day. Scott and Nate were the 26th and 27th men overall. Not PRs, but respectable for such busy guys. Jerry finished in the top half in his first marathon ever! Way to go!

The last 400m!!

The traffic was INSANE, especially on race morning. People were getting out of their cars and running down the freeway to get to the start at Dodger's Stadium because there were so many people getting dropped off. Luckily Scott and I had scoped out the situation the day before and snuck in no problem through the back way. The race start was delayed because of the traffic jam!

We met up with some U of I friends and had lunch and dinner after the race - that was a treat! And the highlight of the driving portion was coming down from Fort Tejon Pass on I-5 on our way home. As we descended into the Central Valley the view through the windshield was nothing but purple wildflowers. It was like driving into a sea of purple - it was so cool. Too bad the camera was in the trunk. There were lots of purple, white, yellow, and orange patches all the way along. I would say that spring is the best time to take I-5 between L.A. and San Francisco if you MUST do that drive. UGH.

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rappin' rise said...

congrats! I can't believe that people still run 26.2 miles in this day and age. Don't they have cars?