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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Quilted Mat

Here's a project I started this summer after I bought a jelly roll of bright batiks. I didn't really know what a jelly roll was. It's a bunch of small strips of fabric of a certain size rolled up and sold in a bundle. The fabrics aren't necessarily up my alley, but after lots of playing around, I came up with this baby floor mat/stroller blanket that used up the whole roll. I had to buy the red fabric for the back and the binding separately. I really love the way the turquoise quilting looks with the bright prints. I did all the quilting by hand since I only have a Featherweight sewing machine.

Now... who do I know with a baby that would appreciate my handiwork and doesn't mind the tropical look? It's pretty stain-friendly :)

1 comment:

Julie said...

ooo ooo -- I wish I was pregnant! I would love it!
Good work, Trace. Thanks for the Halloween card too...that was fun to get and so thoughtful! Happy Halloween from a bride (Charlie) and Rosetta the fairy from Tinkerbell (Berkley!) :)